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Anti Net Neutrality Crowd Reaches Deep For The Craziest Possible Response To President Obama's Call For Real Net Neutrality Rules | Techdirt:

But the real fun is coming from the politicians and the pundits who seem to be trying to out-crazy each other in coming up with the most ridiculous analogy/description of what Title II means for the internet and the world. The one getting the most attention has to be Senator Ted Cruz who declared net neutrality "Obamacare for the internet."

After nonsensical comments on Net Neutrality, conservatives rage against Ted Cruz:

Keith French: Ted, I am as conservative as they come.... I want government out of just about everything... and I hate to say it, really hate to say it, but Obama is right on this one. I do not want my access and internet speed controlled by my ISP. It will be. The internet has been an open forum with little to no restrictions, that will change and not for the better. Bottom line, do not go against freedom of the net just because Obama is for it. Even an old blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

Ted Cruz Doubles Down On Misunderstanding The Internet & Net Neutrality, As Republican Engineers Call Him Out For Ignorance | Techdirt:

Rather than recognize this fact, Cruz has decided to double down on it with a rambling and misguided opinion piece in the Washington Post that repeats the "Obamacare for the internet" line, and lumps in a variety of other tech issues in a confusing (and often self-contradictory) jumble. He warns against taxing internet access (good), but then joins in the total overreaction to the Commerce Department's decision to officially relinquish its (barely existent) control over ICANN, falsely claiming that this will allow the Russians, Chinese and the Iranians to control the internet. This is not true. In fact, by giving up the Commerce Department's link to ICANN, it helps cut off the path the Russians, Chinese and Iranians are trying to use to do an end run around ICANN, by giving more power to the ITU. In other words, Senator Cruz (once again) seems to not understand this policy issue at all, and is recommending a policy that is more likely to lead to the world he fears.

Then he gets back around to net neutrality, once again showing he doesn't understand it:

In short, net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet. It would put the government in charge of determining Internet pricing, terms of service and what types of products and services can be delivered, leading to fewer choices, fewer opportunities and higher prices.
Not a single part of that is accurate.
This is what you we get when people vote along extreme idealogical lines. Thanks, Teanuts.

Troy Hunt: The “Cobra Effect” that is disabling paste on password fields

Troy Hunt: The “Cobra Effect” that is disabling paste on password fields:

There are many, many valid reasons why people would want to paste passwords in order to increase their security profile yet the perception of those blocking this practice is that it actually decreases security. Why? Interesting you should ask…

FCC to AT&T: Put Up or Shut Up

FCC calls AT&T’s fiber bluff, demands detailed construction plans | Ars Technica:

Two days after AT&T claimed it has to "pause" a 100-city fiber build because of uncertainty over network neutrality rules, the Federal Communications Commission today asked the company to finally detail its vague plans for fiber construction. Despite making all sorts of bold promises about bringing fiber to customers and claiming its fiber construction is contingent on the government giving it what it wants, AT&T has never detailed its exact fiber plans. For one thing, AT&T never promised to build in all of the 100 cities and towns it named as potential fiber spots. The company would only build in cities and towns where local leaders gave AT&T whatever it wanted. In all likelihood, only a small portion of the 100 municipalities were likely to get fiber, and nobody knows which ones.
If you ask them what their plans are in Austin for Gigapower, they dance and dance without saying anything specific. [Really.](

Amazon's Growing Up

Amazon and Hachette have finally resolved their bitter dispute:

Specific terms of their new deal aren't being disclosed, but Hachette claims it's now gained full control over ebook pricing.


Amazon says the new pact contains "financial incentives" that will encourage Hachette to keep ebooks affordable for its many Kindle customers.

It took them long enough, but it's nice to hear Amazon understands how deals should work now. I suppose Disney is next?

AT&T Shows Its True Self Again

AT&T To "Pause" Gigabit Internet Rollout Until Net Neutrality Is Settled:

"We can't go out and just invest that kind of money, deploying fiber to 100 cities other than these two million [covered by the DirecTV deal], not knowing under what rules that investment will be governed," AT&T Chief Randall Stephenson said during an appearance at a Wells Fargo conference.
That's okay. Time Warner offers 300Mb here and Google Fiber is coming. No one wants your shitty tracking-laden, data capped, NSA-friendly service anyway, AT&T. Go home.

On Useful Error Messages

CoreData: error: (522) I/O error for database at /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/012CEF58-D497-451E-9256-CDD266930AF4/Library/Application Support/APPNAME/APPNAME. SQLite error code:522, 'not an error'

My favorite kind of errors are errors that aren't errors but fail like errors because they're really errors that don't know they're errors.

The Best Part of Waking Up Is Filing a Data Loss Radar

rdar://18907215: Resetting Network Settings on iOS removes networks in OS X:

While troubleshooting an iOS issue I hit Reset Network Settings. This apparently removes all the wireless networks from the keychain as a part of its magic. Unfortunately, the Keychain was synced to iCloud and my computers to that so ALL my wireless networks across ALL my computers were deleted as well.

No, No One Wants a Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface product placement in CNN election coverage fails as iPads revealed behind them:

Microsoft must have thought it had pulled off a nice piece of product placement when it gave CNN election commentators a bunch of Surface Pro tablets to help with their coverage. CNN dutifully covered its desks with the devices, resulting in a series of proud tweets from Microsoft fans.

There was just one small problem, noted by GeekWire: a closer look revealed that hidden behind the Surface tablets were the iPads that commentators were actually using. In one case, the commentator was actually using her Surface tablet as a stand for her iPad.

You can't even pay someone to use it.

Well, That Was Expected

Law Firm Investigating Potential for Class Action Suit Against Rite Aid and CVS for Blocking Apple Pay:

Law firm Schubert Jonckheer & Kolbe, specializing in class action lawsuits, has announced that it has launched an antitrust investigation into CVS and Rite Aid over their decision to stop accepting Apple Pay in their retail stores.

It's really the textbook definition when you think about it.

Immutable Mutable

Type 'NSMutableArray' does not conform to protocol 'MutableCollectionType'

I really just have no words for that.

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