I don’t want to make anyone’s head explode. I honestly read most of comments above, and alot of what is being said is strange and surreal to me.

What is wrong with socialism?

I live in a socialist country and life here is safe, happy and free.

A comment on Careful, America

Preachin’ to the choir. Liberal thinking is progressive, it moves people into the now and the future. Socialist policies are just that: social, for the people. Done right, they’re great things.

However, in America there’s a huge number of idiots that have been brainwashed by the corporations that “liberalism” and “socialism” would destroy (drugs, healthcare, military-industrial complex, farming and food processing, etc.). They’ve been made to believe that “them liberals” want to take their money away when they’re already poor (which is curious, because they also say it’s a “welfare state” that’s giving money … to the poor — and they believe them). They tell the masses that “socialism” is the opposite of “capitalism” and it would destroy all that is great about American free enterprise. They harp on about how new ideas and progress will ruin this old land and its traditions and make everyone abort every first child because they can, or something equally silly and fatalistic.

Basically, the people that have the most to lose have convinced those with overactive imaginations and underfunded educations to believe that they’re the heroes protecting them from a greater evil, and a vote for them is a “vote for America”. The idiots buy it, hook and sinker and in droves. Then, realizing the stupidity of the masses, they “energize” them with any “immoral” scandal the other side has, showing them what “horrible people” they are, then they ask for “Christian forgiveness” when their own members do the same thing. Having successfully hooked them on their supposed moral foundation, they get into the churches and do the same thing: we’re moral, they’re not! They take on party platforms that are impossible to actually legislate and call them a matter of morality, again saying the other side has none.

This goes on and on, further insulting these poor, stupid people of the “heartland” by brainwashing them and getting them to vote Republican when the very ideals of the one-great GOP were lost at the start of the 20th century. There’s nothing but a shell of a party left, and it’s nothing but corporatism disguised as religion, disguised again as politics.

This goes on and on and the party that is oppressing the people the most is supported the most by those very lower-middle-class people that they’ve been made to fear. The Party keeps the message alive that anyone wanting the government to intervene in anything is e-e-e-e-e-evi-i-i-i-i-l and un-American. This works well because they keep scaring the low-earning masses by saying the government will take the meager remainder of the paycheck the corporation hands out and give it to someone else when, in reality, they’re trying to get people so scared of government intervention that the government won’t intervene in their finances, the corporation. It’s an odd kind of trap.

The rest of us look on in horror and wish we could do something, but we cannot. We just have to sit here and watch this horrible show go on and try to educate the hell out of people victimized by this great machine and hope for a critical miscalculation like Palin to come along and wake people up long enough to vote Democrat.

Even voting Democratic isn’t the answer, honestly, but until we can wake up the ignorant people trapped by the very well-run PR campaign that is the Republican party we won’t have the numbers to actually get any other party in a high office.

October 20, 2008