I’ve noticed recently that when I hear Sarah Palin’s voice on the TV or radio that I get tense and angry and feel like breaking something. After some days of this, and avoiding any exposure, I wondered what it was that was making me react this way. So I sat through a “speech” of hers and thought about it (they’re never really speeches, they’re extended vocal wanderings through a forest of issues she has only a fleeting familiarity with).

I realized that I really just want to punch her. I want her to say something stupid and then I want to walk up and deck her in the face.

Why? She’s a bitch.

The problem with listening to Palin talk is that anyone with a reasonable mind is offended about every ten to twenty seconds by something either blatantly false, needlessly inciting, or just plain cocky.

Let’s take just one snippet from an October 6th rally in Clearwater, Florida (yes, the Scientology town) and examine it.

You know, in this campaign, in this election, I think the phoniest claim in a campaign that’s been full of them, is that Barack Obama is going to cut your taxes?

Phony claim? There’s a published plan that will cut the taxes of everyone making less than $250K a year. It’s out there. It’s agreed-upon.

I guess if the majority of your support comes from people making over $250K a year, this is a big issue for you. The rest of us, however, have some strong opinions about McCain’s “relief” plan that targets those making over $100K with more tax cuts than those making up the bulk of the payments.

I mean, think about it. He’s built his whole career on doling out tax money, first as a Chicago politician, and then raising taxes as a senator.

New taxes come in as old taxes are removed. Every senator has voted to raise taxes at one point or another. It’s how things are funded. John McCain has voted to raise taxes several times himself. In fact, he may have to do it again.

He’s voted 94 times to raise taxes.

No, he hasn’t. That’s just an outright lie. Using the same methodology, McCain has voted for more tax increases than Obama, too. Significantly more.


Even on middle class every day working Americans making $42,000 a year, he voted to raise those taxes.

More lies.

And he tried to waste a million dollars a day just on his requested earmarks. And now, he’s committed to almost a trillion dollars in new government spending. And yet, he never bothers to explain where all that’s going to come from to pay for all of that.

Yes, he has. For the $990 billion dollars in new spending, he’s proposed $989 billion in spending cuts. That’s a one billion dollar difference, and the new tax plan plans on taking that from the insanely rich. All explained.

And dog gone it, no one seems to be asking him how is he going to pay for the huge government growth that he wants. No one is asking him.

No one is asking because he’s already answered it. It’s out there. It’s especially available if you, oh, read a paper.

So you all, just do the math. Either do the math or just go with your gut.

Talk about aiming for the weak points in your audience.

In either way, you’re going to come up with the same conclusion, Barack Obama is going to raise your taxes.

No, he’s going to raise your taxes. He’s going to lower mine. Anyone with a brain … oh, wait, sorry.

Worst of all, she says these things with that gratingly-condescending tone that she hasn’t earned. She’s not experienced enough on the topics she’s talking about to dare to talk down to anyone about them, especially given that when she’s pressed further about the topics and she’s forced to move away from the talking points she’s been given, she completely breaks and stumbles. She’s just a speech parrot.

She’s a joke of a candidate and a joke of a person in many respects.


And, thus, I really just want to punch that snarky little bitch every time she opens her mouth. You betcha.

October 22, 2008