I’ll get it out of the way early on: I’m pro-life. I’m not just “standard” pro-life, I’m the crazy kind that starts with the zygote and ends when worms have had their fill of your fleshy container. Yep, I’m That Guy™. Don’t bother trying to argue with me, either. I’ve made the decision long ago and I’m sticking with it. I’ve thought about it, I’ve pondered it long and hard, and I’m of the opinion that life is immeasurably valuable and it’s not something we can ethically take from another without an extremely good reason (ie. protecting my own life).

And yet, I voted for Barack Obama.

Why? Abortion and euthanasia are not an issue in this election at all. Consider, Bush is as overtly pro-life as they come and all he managed to legislate was a ban on a specific method of carrying out a partial-birth abortion. He didn’t and couldn’t get the actual act of a PBA outlawed, he could only get one method of it outlawed. Previously, Clinton had signed a ban on the act of PBAs but a federal court struck it down. Bush had no way of getting around that, so those involved chose to attack one of the procedures instead.

Eight years in office with both a Republican and Democratic Congress and that’s all the movement on the issue that happened. That’s it. Look at what we had to endure as a society to make that small move. Look at the lives we lost compared to those that could be saved by that measure. No one who is remotely pro-life can argue that it was in any way worth it.

The best statistics I can find show 17K PBAs a year in the US, but 190K lives lost (US, allies, and Iraqi) during the Iraq fiasco. As the Bush ban can’t stop PBAs completely, we can’t even say the number of PBAs will go down as a result of this one movement on the issue. Yet, people are still dying overseas in numbers that dwarf those from this issue.

Pro-life is all life. Adults count, too. This war is the price we’re paying for people voting solely on this issue. Instead of our unborn sons and daughters being killed, our adult sons and daughters are being killed. This is not progress in any measurable sense.

Why should I believe that in another eight years of any single president, no matter their stance on the issue, that any progress in either direction will be made? There’s simply no reason to make that topic a point of discussion in the election as no matter the personal opinion of the president, he has extremely limited powers when it comes to the topic. What matters more on the issue is the balance of power in Congress, and even then there’s enough of a tie between Red and Blue States that nothing will make it out the door since it’s such a dangerous political topic. More than that, since Clinton’s PBA ban was struck down, it’s unlikely that any progress will be made on the pro-life side without a constitutional amendment so that the federal courts can’t just slap the law down again, and forget about getting two-thirds of the states to back that.

Thus, we can arrive at the conclusion that no further progress can or will be made on the pro-life front. As such, your selection of politician doesn’t matter for this issue. Focus on other pro-life issues, like not needlessly killing our poor and underprivileged citizens, who constitute the majority of the enlisted soldiers, in a meritless war in a country we have no reasonable reason to be in.

As both candidates have said they’re going to end the war, this seems a moot point, doesn’t it? It’s how they’re going to end it that matters. Obama has said time and again there will be a timetable. McCain has said time and again that we’re in it to win it. We haven’t won in five years. We have barely made progress. Less than two years versus another five, at least?

How many more must die for us to learn this lesson? The Republicans have taken on this guise of the “religious, moral” party in order to sway the religious voters in their direction, and while they make cursory attempts to follow that agenda, almost every other agenda they take is geared towards oppressing the poor and making the rich richer. It doesn’t take much thought to see this pattern. If you fall for this, if you vote based solely on this one issue for which no progress can reasonably be made, you are only furthering the atrocities committed by these immoral charlatans.

Rather, we should be saving our enlisted brothers and sisters’ lives. We should be helping our poor. We should be providing for our needy. We should be taking care of our people and respecting not only their right to life, but their right to a decent life.

October 29, 2008